COVID19 Safe Plan and Guidelines for Members and Visitors

The health and safety of our members, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and external users of club facilities  is a priority.

We encourage everyone to stay safe, recognise risks, and take personal responsibility for their own health and to follow  COVID19 guidelines.

Our club has a broad ASC COVID19 Safe Plan which provides the Albert Sailing Club framework for COVID19 management   ASC COVID Safe Plan

Then have ASC COVID19 Safe Plan guidelines for members and visitors to follow. This is updated as Government regulations and requirements change.

During Victorian Government lockdowns no club activities or access to clubrooms and boatyard.

Stage 3 Government Regulations applied for 1 0days from Thursday 28 July 
Key COVID Safe guidelines for members and visitors when at Albert Sailing Club  :

Boating activities
* Sailing, training and other approved boating activities are permitted activities. Assuming that as previously this includes use of single and multi handed sailing dinghies, kayaks and club motorised patrol craft.
* Sharing of shared equipment such as boats and life jackets should be minimised. Equipment should be cleaned between uses by different people.

Your Health and Health of Others
* Don't come to the club if unwell with symptoms which could be COVID19 related
or you are in self isolation due to positive COVID19 diagnosis or awaiting COVID19 test results.
* Bring sanitiser and sanitised wipes for your personal use.
* Regularly wash your hands and/or use sanitiser.
 * Use wipes on shared surfaces and wash and clean you sailing equipment.
* Contract cleaners undertake a clean of the clubrooms weekly.
   Members and other users to clean shared surfaces periodically on days when using clubrooms.

Face Masks
* You need to carry a face mask at all times after  you leave home.
* There is a requirement to wear a face mask when inside and outside, except when eating or drinking or physical exertion. Unless legal exemption.

Record Keeping and notification requirements
* Any member or visitor at  the club for any purpose, including the boatyard, needs to scan the QR code in club foyer and complete required details OR complete the Sign In sheet on the table in the club foyer.
* If you have attended the club and subsequently diagnosed with COVID19 or been to a site where a COVID19 case,  inform our ASC Commodore or Vice Commodore.

Physical Distancing
* Maintain 1.5 metres distance from others where possible inside and outside clubrooms.
* Public gathering limits of 10 people per group  outdoors.
* Indoors spaces have a limit of one person per four square metres.
   - Comply with signs on number of people for spaces in clubrooms.
   - Maintain physical distancing to extent reasonably possible when moving through areas, when seated or when queuing for services such as club canteen or bar.

* Change rooms including showers open subject to gathering limits posted on changeroom doors, unless othewise signed.
   On sailing days come dressed or partially dressed for sailing, and ideally leave in your sailing clothes. Minimise showering.

* Information Sessions and Sign on/ Sign off for club races will be conducted outside either in front of club or in boatyard. Maintain physical distancing from others.

Other information
* Contract cleaners come in on Fridays  for cleaning upstairs & ground floor facilities.
* SEDA educational group use club facilities some midweek days in term (9.30am to 3pm) from February to  early November with agreed arrangements. 
* Club Galley and after sailing Bar can open on club sailing days with COVID19 related arrangements in place.

Process for a confirmed COVID19 Case
This is the ASC process for a person diagnosed with COVID19 who is at the club ASC facility or has recently visited the club.
The important first step is to isolate person in an area well away from others. Downstairs training/committee room is suggested option if Committee member with key to open.
The process is to ensure that reporting, tracing and required cleaning occurs before the facility opens.
      Schematic of process for a COVID19case

Powerboat and Equipment Use
    ASC Powerboat Use          TO BE UPDATED with more detail Shortly

Cleaning RIBs and clubhouse 
Periodic wiping down of shared surfaces in clubhouse during the day when clubhouse is open.
   RIB & Clubhouse clean        TO BE UPDATED with more detail Shortly