COVID19 Safe Plan and Guidelines for Members and Visitors

We have a broad ASC COVID19 Safe Plan which provide the club's framework for managing the COVID19 pandemic at Albert Sailing Club  ASC COVID Safe Plan

Then have ASC COVID19 Safe Plan guidelines to be followed by all members and visitors. This is updated as Government regulations and requirements change.
A copy of the current guidelines as per 23 November Update are below.

Based on what is known as at 23 November the key sailing related updates are :

  • Organised club racing and training for all members (adults and youth) can resume. This includes double handed dinghies and all forms of fully crewed keel boats, trailables and sports boats.
  • Masks and social distancing are no longer required while sailing
  • Gatherings on foreshore, including boat rigging areas  for up to 50 people from different households. 
  • Club facilities can now open including upstarirs clubrooms and decking, boatyard, toilets and change rooms (with 1 M and 2W showers only to be used if essential) .  Notices with density limits apply.

Key sites for detailed information on regulations are :


ASC COVID19 Safe Plan guidelines to be followed by all members and visitors are :

UPDATE as at 23 November 2020.  

The health and safety of our members, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and external users of club facilities  is a priority.
We encourage everyone to stay safe, recognise risks, and to take personal responsibility for their own health and follow  COVID19 guidelines.

Your Health and Health of Others
* Don't come to the club if unwell.
* Maintain 1.5 metre social distancing at all times, excepting people same family unit.
* Bring sanitiser and sanitised wipes for your personal use.
* Regularly wash your hands or use sanitiser. Use wipes on shared surfaces and wash and clean you sailing equipment.
* Wear face mask when inside clubrooms

* Don't come to the club if  in self isolation due to positive COVID19 diagnosis or awaiting COVID19 test results.
* If diagnosed with COVID19 and recently attended the club inform our ASC Commodore.

Coming Sailing at ASC   
* Check the weather conditions.  Seriously consider not sailing if weather is marginal for your skill and experience level.
* Any member or visitor coming to sail at ASC needs to complete the Sign In sheet in club foyer.​​​​​​ as first step on arrival.​​​​​​ 
* If you are coming to sail come dressed for sailing, and consider leaving in your sailing clothes. 
* Within boat rigging areas maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres between individuals. Minimise handling boats or equipment of others.

Visiting Clubrooms and Club Facilities
* Any member or visitor visiting the club for any purpose, including the boatyard, needs to complete the Sign In sheet in club foyer.
* Observe restrictions signs on numbers in all areas. 
* Use wipes and club cleaning materials for cleaning of shared surfaces you touch on club premises (including chairs and tables) and your own sailing equipment.
* Club Toilets are open. Maintain social distancing and wipe down surfaces touched.
* Changerooms open. Maximum of 8 people at a time in Men's, 6 in women's at a time. Showers only to be used if essential, with only one available in M and W.
* After boatyard access lock gates and wipe down shared surfaces touched.

Process for a confirmed COVID19 Case
This is the ASC process for a person diagnosed with COVID19 who is at the club ASC facility or has recently visited the club.
The important first step is 
The process is to ensure that reporting, tracing and required cleaning occurs before the facility opens.
      Schematic of process for a COVID19case
      Specific guidelines for a COVID19 case  TO BE ADDED

Other information
* Contract cleaners in on Fridays  for cleaning upstairs & ground floor facilities.
* SEDA educational group use club facilities some midweek days in term (9.30am to 3pm) till early November with agreed arrangements. 
* Club Galley likely to open when return to full sailing program, and COVID19 related arrangements are in place.

Club Races 
* Information sessions for ASC members and visitors in front of ASC clubrooms, with sign on arrangements to be covered at briefing.
* Club Races when allowed will initially be over short courses at the northern end of Albert Park Lake.
* Race starts from jetty or a Start boat.  Reduced on-water patrol boat support.

Powerboat and Equipment Use
    ASC Powerboat Use

Cleaning RIBs and clubhouse 
Periodic wiping down of shared surfaces in clubhouse during the day when clubhouse is open.
   RIB & Clubhouse clean