Sunday Social SailingGenerally once per month on a Sunday in the warmer months, the club will be open for social sailing from 10am to 3.30pm. This provides a good opportunity for club members and their guests to come down and enjoy the club facilities and take a non-competitive sail on Albert Park Lake.

People who are interested in learning more about Albert Sailing Club and sailing on Albert Park Lake are most welcome to come down as visitors. If it is a good day we may be able to give you a try out Discover Sailing Experience.

Club members can sail their own boat or make use of a club boat depending on your experience level and the weather conditions. The clubhouse and decking are available for socialising and relaxation. The BBQ and galley can be used for lunch and tea/coffee, etc. during the day.

Check our weekly Thursday Snippets (website Home Page or email subscription) in week preceding for further information. If you have an enquiry send an email to 

Mid-week Social Sailing

Club members with boats/boatyard access are welcome to sail anytime mid-week.   As there is no scheduled club activity during the week, such social sailing is entirely at your own risk.  There will be no support boats or personnel on the water and there may not be other sailors , so you must take responsibility for all aspects of such sailing.

Other club members will often want to come and join you if you would like some company for mid-week sailing.  We have a "WhatsApp" group so that you can let people know you will be at the club and see if other club members will come and have a sail as well.  Please contact for further details of the "WhatsApp" group.

Saturday Morning Sailing

Many members take the opportunity of social sailing on Saturday mornings prior to the formal race program in the afternoons.  The clubrooms will be open and there will be support/rescue boats and personnel available if required.  This is a great way to practice your sailing skills in a safe, secure environment and to mix and mingle with other club members.